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Travel Clinic

Chicago Health Medical Group offers a world of knowledge to improve the quality of your stay abroad so you can truly enjoy your trip. With our expansive expertise and first-hand knowledge of your family’s travel history, we take care of your specific needs involving the prevention and management of any travel-related health problems. Education and implementation of vaccinations, immunizations, infectious disease, public health, environmental health and more will keep you and yours healthy as you travel.

Preparing for Health and Safe Travel

Chicago Health Medical Group offers a clinic for adults and children planning international travel. The clinic provides counseling medications and vaccinations to prevent travel-related diseases. Counseling will address issues related to insect exposure, eating and drinking, and altitude sickness.

Malaria Prophylaxis

If you are traveling to an area where malaria is a threat, we can prescribe a drug regimen to precent this infection.


Chicago Health Medical Group's Travel Clinic provides a full range of vaccines not found in most physician' offices. Our clinic is one of the few clinics in the Chicago area that is certified to provide immunizations for Yellow Fever.

Call today to get a full list of vaccines that are offered (708) 783‐3975.

What You Should Know

  • When calling the clinic, be prepared to give your complete itinerary.
  • Most travelers have their first visit to the clinic 1 to 2 months before departure, as some vaccines are given in a series and several appointments may be necessary.
  • Last minute visits, while not optimal, may provide needed education and some protection from infection. Most vaccines are available on-site.

To make an appointment today, call (708) 783‐3975.