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MacNeal Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Solutions

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Situation Analysis

Review of workers compensation claims, loss analysis, OSHA logs, compliance needs, physical job requirements and other quantitive as well as qualitive information.

Determine Occupational Health Goals

Customer-focused services built upon a seamless injury management program, with outcomes of decreased workers compensation costs, improved employee satisfaction and productivity.

Incorporate Successes Learned From Other Clients

Leverage MacNeal's 20-year occupational health history working with thousands of employers. Profile “like” companies through client database representing thousands of injuries treated through seven occupational health sites serving the local marketplace.

Focus on Time Lost Management

  • Dedicated case manager to track progress and gatekeep
  • Outcomes data measurement (company specific)
  • Rapid access to specialists (case management integrated, negotiated rates)
  • Coordinated medical team process (“no one gets lost in the system”)
  • Communication (personal and electronic, strict performance standards)
  • Therapy and rehab network
  • Back-to-work/job modification consultation

Maximize Medical Specialization and Computer Technology

  • Occupational Health Medical Director who is board-certified
  • Consistent coordinated care at all sites
  • Specialized return-to-work programs, rehab, and physical therapy
  • Computer network linking all sites to track and manage progress
  • Adaptive billing programs to meet client’s needs

Make it User-Friendly

  • Service team approach
  • Employer communication (dedicated customer service representatives)
  • Respect and dignify employees
  • Easy access (convenient locations/24-hour coverage/transportation)

Evaluate/Refine Strategy